From the depth of the darkest jungles, to the depths of the jungles that are cities, Buster Bear has been given orders by Captain Nemo to work with another member of the Council of New Atlantis: Mowgli. They are off on several incredible journeys, where they'll meet the most fascinating animals, people, cultures and science. Buster may not look like the sharpest knife in the drawer, but his spycraft is exceptional, and his ability to succeed in his missions is highly regarded by Nemo and all of the Agents of Nemo. From urban jungles, to the everglades; from the northern coniferous forest to the Great Bear Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, to the to the Boreal forest that runs across Canada, the journey is vast. It's only due to Nemo's technology that Buster Bear is able to be transported to meet up with his fellow agents to thwart the evil plans of the invaders. No hero is quite like Buster Bear.

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